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Press Conference by Chairman of FEPC


  • 2017/10/13

    October 2017

    • Measures to expand the installation of renewable energy
    • Supply and demand outlook for this upcoming winter
  • 2017/9/15

    September 2017

    • Discussions of the Strategic Energy Plan
    • CO2 emission in FY2016
    • Nationwide Map of Scientific Features for Geological Disposal
  • 2017/7/14

    July 2017

    • Initiatives for restoring public trust in nuclear energy
    • Establishment of the nuclear fuel cycle program
    • Response to the electricity system reform and energy policy debate
  • 2017/6/16

    June 2017

    • Restart of Kansai Electric Takahama Nuclear Power Station Units 3 and 4
    • Global warming countermeasures taken by electricity operators
    • Cybersecurity measures
  • 2017/5/19

    May 2017

    • The electricity supply and demand forecasts for the upcoming summer
    • Enactment of a legislation to partially amend the Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corporation Act
    • Opening of an inquiry desk pertaining to final disposal of high-level radioactive waste
  • 2017/4/14

    April 2017

    • Entering the second year since full liberalization of retail electricity
    • Supply and demand forecasts for the coming summer
    • Establishment of Electricity JE-ISAC
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