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Efforts for Preventing Global Warming

Efforts for environmental conservation including countermeasures against global warming, creating a recycling-based society and managing chemical substances, are key challenges for the electric utility industry. In particular, emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), a major cause of global warming, are closely related to energy utilization in economic activities and daily life, and so the reduction of CO2 emissions is a major challenge for the industry.

Measures to Suppress CO2

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, the industry has been taking various measures such as those on the electricity supply and demand sides in addition to R&D and international efforts.

Expanding use of non-fossil energy sources

Nuclear power is an outstanding power source for preventing global warming because it emits no CO2 in the process of power generation.

Japan's electric power companies are making efforts to expand and promote renewable energy sources.

International Effort

The industry has achieved world-leading energy efficiency at thermal power plants, and is sharing its advanced technologies with electric power industries in other countries.

Demand-side Energy Saving

Japan's electric power companies are developing highly efficient heat pump equipment, including CO2 refrigerant hot water supply units, and encouraging their adoption.

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