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Measures to Suppress CO2

The electric power companies are trying to reduce CO2 emissions mainly through attaining the optimal energy mix, seeking to simultaneously achieve Energy security, Economic efficiency and Environmental conservation, under the major premises of Safety(S+3Es).

Moreover, the electric power companies seek to make progress on both the supply and demand sides, promoting decarbonization of the energy mix on the supply side by increasing the non-fossil energy ratio and improving the efficiency of thermal power generation by maintaining high thermal efficiency, while supporting more efficient use of energy on the demand side by promoting the use of highly efficient electric devices. The companies are also actively engaging in R&D and international cooperation.

CO2 emissions accompanying electricity consumption may increase or decrease depending on various conditions such as weather and the status of electricity use by customers, which cannot be controlled by the companies themselves.

Therefore, the electric companies verify their achievements in each fiscal year by referring to the CO2 emission factor (CO2 emissions per kWh of power consumption) which reflects their efforts.

The CO2 emissions factor for FY 2014 was 0.554kg-CO2/kWh, which is attributed to the increase in thermal power generation due to the long-term shutdown of nuclear power stations after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

As of July 2015, FEPC, together with J-Power, JAPC and 23 power producers and suppliers (PPSs), established a new voluntary framework for achieving a low carbon society, formulated the Action Plan for the Electricity Industry for Achieving a Low-Carbon Society. The Plan sets a CO2 reduction target for the entire electricity industry for FY 2030. The electricity industry will now work collectively to achieve this target, monitor the progress of the actions each year, and reflect in the actions for the following year and beyond, to increase the likelihood of meeting the target.

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