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Press Conference by Chairman of FEPC


  • 2010/3/19

    March 2010

    • The Basic Law for Global Warming Countermeasures and a Revision of the Basic Energy Plan.
    • Resumption of Operations at the Monju Reactor.
    • Appointment of a New FEPC Vice Chairman and Overview of Electricity Demand in this Winter.
  • 2010/2/19

    February 2010

    • WANO’s Biennial General Meeting
    • The Japanese Electric Power Industry’s View on the Basic Bill for Global Warming Countermeasures.
  • 2010/1/22

    January 2010

    • Important Challenges for the Electric Power Industry This Year
  • 2009/12/18

    December 2009

    • The Announcement of the IEP’s Technology Roadmap
    • Our Views and Requests on the Cost-Cutting by the Government Revitalization Unit’s
    • A Review of This Year
  • 2009/11/11

    November 2009

    • Total Shipment of Eco Cute Residential Water Heater Systems Exceeds 2 Million Units
    • Forecast for Electric Power Supply and Demand for the Coming Winter
  • 2009/10/16

    October 2009

    • Introduction of the New System for Purchasing Photovoltaic Power
    • Recent Developments in Nuclear Power
  • 2009/9/11

    September 2009

    • Follow-up of the Environmental Action Plan by the Japanese Electric Utility Industry
    • Electricity Supply and Demand in This Summer
  • 2009/7/17

    July 2009

    • Peer Review Actives under the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (APP) in South Korea
    • Japan's Policy Measures for Promoting and Enhancing Nuclera Power Generation
    • Evens during Thermal Storage Month
  • 2009/6/12

    June 2009

    • A Review of the Pluthermal Program
    • An Outlook for Electricity Supply and Demand This Summer
    • Change in FEPC Board of Directors
  • 2009/5/22

    May 2009

    • Electric Power Industry's Opinions about Japan's Mid-Term Goal for the Reducation of GHG Emissions
    • Assessment of the Possible Impact on Power Systems of Large-scale Introduction of Photovoltaics
    • Economic Trends as Seen from the Electricity Demand in April
  • 2009/4/17

    April 2009

    • Level of CO2 Emission Intensity that the Electric Power Industry of Japan Aims to Achieve by FY2020
    • Activities Conducted by the International Electricity Partnership (IEP) in Conjunction with the UN Ad Hoc Working Group Session in Bonn
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