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Press Conference by Chairman of FEPC


  • 2011/2/18

    February 2011

    • Submission of a Written Opinion on Bilateral Offset to the United Nations
    • Electricity Demand in January
    • Invitation to an Event to Promote the Use of Electrical Cooking Appliances for Commercial Kitchens
  • 2011/1/21

    January 2011

    • Major Challenges Facing the Electric Power Companies of Japan
  • 2010/12/17

    December 2010

    • Electric Power Industry’s Policies on the Revision of the Framework for Nuclear Energy Policy
    • Year-End Remarks
  • 2010/11/12

    November 2010

    • Agreement on Japan’s Winning an Order for the Nuclear Power Project in Vietnam
    • Electricity Supply and Demand Forecast for This Winter
  • 2010/10/15

    October 2010

    • Establishment of International Nuclear Energy Development of Japan Co., Ltd.
    • Efforts to win public understanding of the deep geological disposal of adioactive waste.
    • Participation in an event in conjunction with the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP10) to the Convention on Biological Diversity.
  • 2010/9/10

    September 2010

    • Follow-up of the Environmental Action Plan
    • Power Supply and Demand of This Summer
    • Capital Increase of Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited
  • 2010/7/16

    July 2010

    • Electric Power Industry’s Opinions about the New Growth Strategy
    • Event Related to the “Month of Thermal Storage” Campaign
  • 2010/6/11

    June 2010

    • Forecast for This Summer’s Electricity Supply and Demand
    • Speech by Superceded/Superceding Chairman; Change in the FEPC Board of Directors
  • 2010/5/21

    May 2010

    • Submission of Our Opinions Concerning the Energy and Environmental Policies of Japan.
    • Activities toward Engagement in Nuclear Power Projects in Vietnam.
  • 2010/4/16

    April 2010

    • A Report on the International Electricity Summit
    • The Japanese Electric Power Industry’s Views on the Revision of the Basic Energy
    • Formulation of the Electricity Utility Industry’s Action Guidelines for Biodiversity
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