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Press Conference by Chairman of FEPC


  • 2012/3/16

    March 2012

    • One year since the Great East Japan Earthquake
    • Electricity demand this winter
    • Change in the FEPC board of directors
  • 2012/2/17

    February 2012

    • Expert panel for reviewing the electricity tariff system and its operation
    • Framework for Nuclear Energy Policy
    • Basic Energy Policy Subcommittee of the Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Energy
  • 2012/1/20

    January 2012

    • Challenges facing the electric power companies of Japan this year
    • Establishment of an independent organization for enhanced nuclear safety
  • 2011/12/16

    December 2011

    • A Review of This Year
  • 2011/11/25

    November 2011

    • Request for cooperation in saving electricity
    • Our views on the nuclear fuel cycle
  • 2011/10/21

    October 2011

    • Reopening of the meeting on the Framework for Nuclear Energy Policy
    • Report on the International Electricity Summit
  • 2011/9/16

    September 2011

    • Electricity Supply and Demand in This Summer
    • Our Commitment to the New System for Purchasing Electricity from Renewable Sources by Electric Utilities at a Fixed Price
  • 2011/7/15

    July 2011

    • Stress tests on nuclear power stations.
    • Our view on the bill concerning the Formation of a Nuclear Damage Compensation Support Organization.
    • Email issue of the Kyushu Electric Power Company.
  • 2011/6/17

    June 2011

    • Government report for the IAEA Ministerial Meeting and the supply-demand situation of electricity during the summer
    • Change in the FEPC board of directors
  • 2011/5/20

    May 2011

    • Framework of Compensation for Nuclear Damage
    • Suspension of the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant
  • 2011/4/15

    April 2011

    • Introduction of the New FEPC Chairman
    • Address from Makoto Yagi, the New FEPC Chairman
    • Implementation of Urgent Safety Measures at Nuclear Power Plants
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