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Press Conference by Chairman of FEPC


  • 2013/3/15

    March 2013

    • Electricity Supply and Demand Situation of this Winter
    • Our Comments on the Draft Outline of the New Safety Regulatory Requirements
  • 2013/2/15

    February 2013

    • Our views on the conclusion of the electric power system reforms
    • Actions to be taken in response to the draft outline of the new safety regulatory requirements
  • 2013/1/25

    January 2013

    • Challenges facing the electricity industry in 2013
  • 2012/12/14

    December 2012

    • A Review of This Year
  • 2012/11/16

    November 2012

    • Rise in Electricity Tariffs
    • Supply and Demand Outlook for Electricity This Winter and Request to Save Electricity
    • Establishment of Japan Nuclear Safety Institute
  • 2012/10/19

    October 2012

    • Supply and Demand Outlook for Electricity for This Winter
    • Measures to Secure the Safety of Nuclear Power Stations
  • 2012/9/14

    September 2012

    • Supply and demand for electricity this summer and a message of thanks for saving electricity
    • Our views on the Innovative Strategy for Energy and the Environment
  • 2012/7/20

    July 2012

    • Restart of the Ohi Power Station and establishment of a nuclear emergency support organization
    • Basic Idea on options for energy and the environment
    • Basic Idea on reforms to the electric power system
  • 2012/5/18

    May 2012

    • Electricity Supply-Demand Measures for This Summer
    • Evaluation of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Policy Options
  • 2012/4/20

    April 2012

    • New Framework for Japanese Electric Industry to Enhance Reactor Safety
    • Evaluation of the impact of large-scale introduction of solar power into the electric power grid
    • Change in the FEPC board of directors
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