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Press Conference by Chairman of FEPC


  • 2021/3/19

    March 2021

    • On “10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake”
    • On “initiatives to autonomously improve safety in nuclear power”
    • On “establishment of Transmission and Distribution Grid Council for the legal separation of the transmission and distribution division”
  • 2021/2/19

    February 2021

    • On“the state of electricity supply and demand”
    • On“ATENA Forum 2021”
  • 2021/1/15

    January 2021

    • On the “current state of electricity supply ”
    • On the “promotion of the nuclear fuel cycle”
    • On the “challenges and goals for 2021”
  • 2020/12/18

    December 2020

    • About “promotion of the nuclear fuel cycle”
    • About “Establishment of the “Committee for Achieving Carbon Neutral in 2050”
    • About “Reflections on 2020 and resolutions for 2021”
  • 2020/11/13

    November 2020

    • On “promoting the nuclear fuel cycle”
    • On “conducting recovery support training with the ten power transmission and distribution business operators”
  • 2020/10/16

    October 2020

    • On the “literature survey for the high-level radioactive waste geological disposal business”
    • On the “preliminary figures for CO2 emissions in FY2019”
  • 2020/9/18

    September 2020

    • On “our response to Typhoon Maysak (9th typhoon of the season) and Typhoon Haishen (10th typhoon of the season) ”
    • On “the promotion of the nuclear fuel cycle”
  • 2020/7/17

    July 2020

    • On “our response to the policy package to realize a decarbonized society”
    • On “submitting the disaster cooperation plan”
  • 2020/6/19

    June 2020

    • On the enactment of the Act for Establishing Energy Supply Resilience (Act on the Partial Revision of the Electricity Business Act and Other Acts for Establishing Resilient and Sustainable Electricity Supply Systems)
    • On “use of risk information to increase safety in nuclear power generation”
  • 2020/5/22

    May 2020

    • On “responses to COVID-19”
    • On “initiatives to recover trust in the electricity industry”
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