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Press Conference by Chairman of FEPC


  • 2020/1/17

    January 2020

    • On initiatives for recovering the public’s trust in the electricity industry
    • On the “challenges and goals for 2020”
  • 2019/12/13

    December 2019

    • Initiatives to recover the publics’ trust in the electricity industry
    • 2019 from the electricity industry’s perspective
  • 2019/11/15

    November 2019

    • On initiatives for the electric utility industry recovering the public’s trust
    • Strengthening electricity resilience given the damages of the typhoon
    • On discussions regarding future energy policies
  • 2019/10/18

    October 2019

    • Kansai Electric Power Company’s gift reception problem
    • Establishment of the Corporate Ethics Committee
    • Response to Typhoon Faxai (15th typhoon of the season) and Typhoon Hagibis (19th typhoon of the season) and strengthening electricity resilience
  • 2019/9/20

    September 2019

    • Response to Typhoon Faxai (15th typhoon of the season)
    • Preliminary figures for CO2 emissions in FY2018
    • Direction of the energy policy going forward
  • 2019/7/19

    July 2019

    • G20 Osaka Summit
    • Discussions regarding the revision of the wheeling charge system
    • Results of the review before the enactment of the third stage of the electricity system reform and response to the legal unbundling of the transmission and distribution division
  • 2019/6/14

    June 2019

    • Remarks from Chairman Katsuno and New Chairman Iwane
  • 2019/6/14

    June 2019

    • Nuclear power stations' independent safety improvement initiatives
    • Transitioning to the final stage of electric power system reform
  • 2019/5/17

    May 2019

    • The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan Announcement Regarding Executive Appointments
    • Long-term growth strategy based on the Paris Agreement
    • Increasing electricity resilience toward a decarbonized society
  • 2019/4/19

    April 2019

    • Entering the fourth year of the liberalization of the electricity market
    • Meeting on a Long-Term Strategy under the Paris Agreement as Growth Strategy
    • This summer’s supply and demand outlook
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