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Comments on the Result of the Lower House Election

August  31,  2009
Shosuke Mori, FEPC Chairman

 This general election was very important for the future of Japan. The fact that the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) won a landslide victory indicates that many voted for change due to growing anxiety and a sense of stagnation about the sluggish economy and worsening living environment.


 We expect the new administration to steer the country with clear vision for the future, while respecting the continuity of important national policies, as it deals with mounting domestic and international issues, including the severe economic situation.


 Among the policies in the DPJ’s election manifesto, the proposed goal of “achieving a 25% reduction of GHG emissions (from the 1990 level) by 2020” is very harsh and may have a great and lasting impact on people’s living and domestic industries. We expect the new administration to be realistic, and to publicly discuss the target in terms of feasibility, burden on the public, and international fairness (equal sharing of burden).


For Japan which lacks energy resources, the government must continue to pursue energy policies designed to simultaneously achieve a stable energy supply, economic efficiency and environmental conservation. The key is surely nuclear energy. Therefore, with top priority on safety, we are committed to achieving smooth progress in nuclear power generation, including the nuclear fuel cycle. We expect the new administration to establish solid national strategies and policy frameworks that do not waver in the mid term, as stated in the Nuclear Power Nation Plan.

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