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Comments on the Launching of Hatoyama’s New Cabinet

September  16,  2009
Shosuke Mori, FEPC Chairman

 We expect the New Cabinet to reliably turn Japan, which is facing many intractable problems both at home and abroad, into a country that enables people to have high hopes for the future under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama while fulfilling its accountability to the people.


 As indicated the current weak demand for electricity, the Japanese economy is still suffering difficult conditions.


 First, we hope that Hatoyama’s New Cabinet will immediately introduce economic stimulus and employment measures to ensure that the Japanese economy starts to recover, and also will make serious efforts to deliver economic growth, backed by both domestic and external demand.


 We also hope that the New Cabinet will quickly devise specific directions and policies to successfully tackle priority issues such as global warming issue, the aging society with low birthrate, reforms to the social security program, taxation and fiscal reforms, and decentralization of government to local jurisdictions. This is essential to alleviate public anxiety.


 Regarding global warming issue in particular, the Japanese electric utility industry is committed to creating a low carbon society through both demand- and supply-side measures designed to increase the share of non-fossil energy sources, centering on nuclear energy, to 50% by fiscal 2020 and to promote electrification by accelerating the diffusion of highly efficient electrical equipment.


 We hope that the New Cabinet will thoroughly discuss the main issues such as ways to achieve its medium-term goals, possible impacts on citizens’ lives and the economy, and fairness among countries and gain public approval on these matters, before proceeding with its policies and international negotiations.

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