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Comments on the Result of the House of Councilors Election

July  12,  2010
Masataka Shimizu, FEPC Chairman

 The ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and the People’s New Party, a DPJ partner in the coalition government, failed to win a majority of seats contested in the latest House of Councilors general election.


 We expect the ruling parties to run their government in consideration of the reality, accepting with sincerity the fact that they have not fulfilled the trust and expectations of the public and listening closely to people’s opinions and voices in the industrial community.


 The Japanese economy is on its way to recovery, but uncertainty still remains at its very foundations.

 Serious issues, including energy policies and global environmental problems, also abound. Under these circumstances, we urge the ruling parties to ensure that any political stalemate or conflict resulting from the divided Diet does not adversely affect the economy and people’s lifestyles; we ask that, in their efforts to realize a new growth strategy, they build a national consensus and execute their policies in each strategic field in a bold and consistent manner with integrity.


  We also call on the government parties to sweep away the uncertainty people have about their futures and their sense of helplessness by moving forward with reforms, including consumption and other taxes, public finances, and social security system reforms, in an integrated way.

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