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Comments on the Launching of the Noda Cabinet

September  2,  2011
Makoto Yagi, FEPC Chairman

 The Noda Cabinet was launched today.


 Faced with piles of urgent issues, the government has not a moment to lose. These issues include: recovery from the damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake; the revitalization of the Japanese economy; the integrated reform of the social security, tax, and public finance systems; foreign affairs; and national security.


 We expect that the Noda Cabinet members will strongly unite while gaining support from the opposition parties, and run a “government that takes action” that can resolve the above issues with speed.


 The electric power industry will continue to make the utmost effort to take on the challenges that we currently face, including dealing with the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident and securing a stable supply of power. In the meantime, the upcoming discussions on national energy policy regard issues of critical importance that will affect the future of Japan.


Thorough and open national discussions with a long-term and multidimensional perspective should be made regarding what energy options the resource-poor country of Japan should choose, taking into account issues such as intensifying global competition for the procurement of resources, soaring fuel prices, and the energy policy’s impact on global warming, while regarding safety as the critical requirement.

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