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Comments on the Inauguration of the Suga Cabinet

September  16,  2020
Kazuhiro Ikebe, Chairman
Federation of Electric Power Companies

   Today marks the inauguration of the Suga Cabinet.
   Japan is currently faced with balancing COVID-19 response and early recovery of the Japanese economy, and many other important issues such as diplomatic, national security, energy, and environmental issues.
   We hope that the new Cabinet will implement policies that seek to eliminate the public’s concerns about the future with a sense of urgency.

   The electricity industry is currently facing many challenges including those that have to do with global warming measures and strengthening electricity resilience. We believe that global warming, an international issue, in particular needs to be tackled from both the supply and demand sides by measures like promoting electrification and shifting to low carbon power.

   The energy policy forms the backbone of the country which serves as the foundation of the daily lives of people and economic activities. We request that the Cabinet form realistic policies from the standpoint of S+3E which aims to simultaneously achieve Energy security, Economic efficiency, and Environmental conservation with Safety as a major premise, bearing in mind the reality that Japan is a resource-poor country.


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