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On Prime Minister Suga’s General Policy Speech

October  26,  2020
The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
Chairman Kazuhiro Ikebe

   Prime Minster Suga expressed his intention in his general policy speech today to do his utmost to realize a green society and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero overall by 2050. 

   We see this as a very challenging goal that will require innovation to create radical and innovative technologies in addition to existing initiatives on the use of renewable energy and nuclear power generation.
   There are many obstacles to facilitate such innovation but we believe that the government will accelerate discussions related to these obstacles and that we utilities also must respond accordingly.

   Energy policy supports the foundation of the lives of the people and economic activity as the basis of the country. We believe the government will be holding discussions to formulate specific strategies given the goals laid out today and we request that policies formed under such strategies be based on S+3E which aims to achieve Energy Security, Economic Efficiency, and maintain Environmental protection while ensuring Safety. We will also actively and comprehensively work to simultaneously pursue evolution and development of the electricity industry and global warming initiatives. 




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