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Concerning the Departure and Vessel for the Third Transport of Vitrified Waste to Japan

January  19,  1998
Federation of Electric Power Companies
Electric Power Company Transport Headquarters
Tokyo Electric Power Company
Kansai Electric Power Company
Chubu Electric Power Company
Kyushu Electric Power Company

The above parties announced on 18 December 1997 to release, two days before departure, details of the departure date, vessel name and port being used for the transport of the third shipment of vitrified waste from France to Japan. In accordance with this announcement, the relevant details are as follows:


1. The vessel will leave port on Wednesday, 21 January 1998

2. The name of the vessel being used is "Pacific Swan"

3. The port being used is Cherbourg, France


In addition, arrangements for the press have been made and are outlined in appendix 1.


[Appendix 1]


Facilities for the Press in Cherbourg


To aid the press in their coverage at Cherbourg, COGEMA have set up a room for the media in the Hotel Mercure. The press room will open at 6.00 PM local time on 20 January.


Contact Telephone Numbers in France


COGEMA Ms. Tissot-Colle (+33) 1 40 69 77 00

Hotel Mercure Allee du Presidet Menut 50100 Cherbourg (+33) 2 33 44 01 11


[Additional information]


Description of Vitrified Waste Canisters

Height: approximately 1,340mm

External diameter: approximately 430mm

Volume of vitrified waste: approximately 150 litres per canister

Weight: approximately 490kg per canister

Canister material: stainless steel


Description of Shipment Flasks


Name: TN28VT

Total length: approximately 6.6m

External diameter: approximately 2.4m

Total weight: approximately 112 tonnes

Contents: 20 vitrified waste canisters per flask

Primary flask material: stainless steel, carbon steel


Description of Transport Vessel


Total length: approximately 104m

Width: approximately 16m

Total Wight: 5,000 tonnes

Maximum capacity: 3,000 tonnes

Vessel name: Pacific Swan

Cargo: Three vitrified waste shipment flasks (containing a total of 60 canisters, 20 each for Tokyo and Kansai, 10 each for Chubu and Kyushu electric power companies).


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