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Nuclear Waste Management

Japan's electric power industry is managing radioactive waste in a safe, secure and reliable manner, and is also cooperating with the implementing organization for the HLW disposal project.

High-level Radioactive Waste (HLW)

Reprocessing spent nuclear fuel recovers approx. 95% of reusable uranium and plutonium, and separates out the remaining approx. 5%, which is vitrified in stable form and temporarily stored at HLW storage facilities for 30-50 years before the final disposal.

Final Disposal of HLW

HLW will be disposal of in a stable geological formation at a depth of more than 300 meters. In October 2000, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NUMO) was established as the implementing organization for the final disposal of HLW.

Low-level Radioactive Waste

Low-level radioactive wastes are packed in metal drums and laid underground in the Low-level Radioactive Waste Storage Center in Rokkasho village, Aomori Prefecture.

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